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Ultra-wide platform design, compatible with a variety of printheads, easy to upgrade.The suction chamber of the platform is a fully-sealed structure, and with the super-strong wind power of the turbo fan, any material can be flattened during printing.Printhead's height can be adjusted.Large-format heating after printing to speed up the drying of the screen.The use of infrared heating and drying system can make the printed product dry instantly, which helps to print the finished product quickly.Ink thermostatic system, secondary ink cartridge heating to make the ink at a suitable temperature and keep it constant, to avoid the ink viscosity change cause broken ink. The air conditioner does not work at low temperature to save energy.Using LVDS transmission technology, reliable, stable, large...
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解决了机器打印卷材平材一体的难题,直接打印所有的平板材料和卷材,主要应用于广告、影楼、装饰等行业。应用了先进的导带平台,避免了因所有拉力局限于收放料器引起的拉伸,画面质置好。吸风平板加宽,适用性更强,打印板材的规格尺寸更广泛。全自动升降墨栈。墨路的三通实现了清洗液、白墨、彩墨之间的自由转换。标准的刻度尺有助于您更好的定位。 应用了白墨自动循环及揽拌系统。应用墨量观察窗及缺墨报警装置,操作过程更直观。
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