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Release time: 2016 - 12 - 22
Ultra-wide platform design, compatible with a variety of printheads, easy to upgrade.The suction chamber of the platform is a fully-sealed structure, and with the super-strong wind power of the turbo fan, any material can be flattened during printing.Printhead's height can be adjusted.Large-format heating after printing to speed up the drying of the screen.The use of infrared heating and drying system can make the printed product dry instantly, which helps to print the finished product quickly.Ink thermostatic system, secondary ink cartridge heating to make the ink at a suitable temperature and keep it constant, to avoid the ink viscosity change cause broken ink. The air conditioner does not work at low temperature to save energy.Using LVDS transmission technology, reliable, stable, large...
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Flexible electronic devices made from organic materials have always been a source of hope ,and would be ideal if they could be made cheaply and quickly using printing methods.Imagine that your future smartwatch and heart monitoring device will be printed by an inkjet printer .Recently, researchers have taken a new step toward printing inexpensive,reliable transistor arrays and have done some basic calculations with them. Transistor is a key element of modern electronic technology,and this study may one day lead us into an era of organic flexible consumer electronics .Unlike conventional silic...
Release time: 2016 - 12 - 16
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