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About Us Development

Feb,1992    Ningbo company formally established

May,1994    Sell Roland engraving machine

May,1995    Sell IOLIN engraving machine

Nov,1995    Sell Signpal engraving machine

Sep,1996    Hangzhou company established

Mar,1997    Sell Mimaki eco solvent printer 、engraving machine

Aug,1999    Shanghai、Nanjing established company

Feb,2000    Wuhan、Zhengzhou established company

Oct,2001      Sell digital injet machine

Dec,2002    Guangfzhou , Changsha established company

Feb,2003    Shanghai manufacture factory established

Mar,2004    Kanger e-commerce center founded

Sep,2004    The first batch digital inkjet printer with the brand of Myjet were putted into market

Mar,2005    Self-research inkjet printer XAAR 126 be produced

Sep,2005    Self-research inkjet printer XAAR 128 be produced

Nov,2005    Obtained ISO9001 international quality certification

Apr,2006    Self-research inkjet printing machine be produced which equipped with XAAR 128 + sprinkler has high-

                           precision 720DPI

May,2006    Obtained Europe CE professional certification

Jul,2006    Opened up Myjet's overseas markets

Mar,2007    “Myjet” KONICA 512 came into the market

Aug,2007    Become the member of China Inkjet Printing Association

Jan,2008    Was rated as the one of top 10 enterprises ,which have most develop potential in chinese advertising                             equipment industry

Jun,2008    The most improved Enterprise in Chinese Large-format Digital Printing industry in Year 2008

Jun,2008    Won " Golden Kirin Award" as one of the China top 10 Large-format Digital Printing machine in Year 2008

Oct,2008    The printer of XAAR proton print head came into the market

Dec,2008    "Myjet" registered trademarks for using ,and approved by the SAIC

Feb,2009    The printer of XAAR eletronic print head came into the market

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